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    We are a close family business and are currently in our second generation. We are based on our natural lavender farm, Yorkshire Lavender in the North Yorkshire countryside...

    Our mission is simple: to take the over supply of plants from the growers and pass on the considerable savings to you!

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Recent Customer Comments

I took delivery of my very first order this morning and I just wanted to take the time to let you know how utterly pleased I am. For a few years now I have used other well known mail order garden suppliers for my plants and I have never been truly satisfied with my experiences with them. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with my delivery. It was quick, the plants were extremely well packaged, they are staggeringly good value for money and they are all healthy and well labelled. So goodbye to my pathetic little plug plants that have been shaken to near death whilst in transit, bravo to Secret Gardening Club, you have a very happy new customer just desperate to share my good news with fellow gardeners, it's the start of a great relationship!
(Feel free to post my review/testimonial)
(BTW the other companies who I've used that commit mass genocide to their plants are Thompson and Morgan, Parkers. And Some other outfit in Jersey)

Mrs Sharpe

Just read a review from a new customer and it contained everything I wanted to say myself.I too have just received my first delivery after finding you by chance when doing a search for a particular plant. I can't understand how I've missed you before as I have bought so many plants online, in fact I'm just preparing another order to send to you as I wanted to see what to expect before going overboard with an order. The plants were packed extremely well, far better than any I have received from any of the major plant companies mentioned by the previous reviewer. I couldn't believe the postage was free for orders over £10, it's certainly an incentive to place an order when you don't want much. Now the plants, perfect in every way, every plant was exactly what I hoped to receive, not like a lot of plants I've received in the past.

Mrs Kellington