⛰️🌿'YODEL-AY-HEE-HO' ALPINE MYSTERY BOX🌿⛰️- 6 x Alpine Plants for £12.99


A Truly 'Mountainous' surprise (Yodeller not included)

It may be the recent snow that has got us feeling a huge love for all things Alpine, but we thought it was about time we gave these superstars a mystery box to themselves.

Alpine plants are some of the most charming and beautiful plants that we can grow in our gardens and not only are they spectacular to look at, but they can also deal with the lovely if somewhat bonkers English weather. 

They are low maintenance and adore good drainage and in our experience, they do particularly well when you have a little natter with them (Our head gardener swears by it!) 

This is why we thought an alpine box would be just the ticket! You get a lovely, mystery selection of alpine plants which you can have fun playing around with while saving some pennies! 

So, if you're looking to treat yourself, or perhaps a friend or family member, then the Alpine Mystery box is the perfect option for a real surprise gift that is both practical and fun! 

Limited Availability. You will receive 6 x Alpine plants for £12.99