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Wine and Vine


One white wine, One white vine  

The wine:  

Flower and the Bee wine from Coto De Gomariz aims to introduce native Galician grapes to a wider audience.  

Grapes: Treixadura (100%)  

Region: Ribeiro, Spain 

Alcohol: 13% 

Tasting notes/pairing options: Powerful flavours of herbs, pears and white peach, with some apricot and spice notes. Real presence, but not at all heavy. Just lovely fruit intensity and amazing freshness.  


The vine: 

Vitris Vroege van der Laan  

One of the hardiest white grape varieties available. Vroege van der Laan will fruit reliably outdoors in most areas of the UK.  

This tough Grape occupies very little space in your garden and can be grown at the back of a sunny border or along a fence.  

The fruity grapes have a very sweet taste when ripe and are well suited to making wine or simply eating as a dessert grape.  

Useful Info:  

Site: Sheltered 

Soil: Very well-drained, neutral to alkaline soils, sandy, chalky or loamy  

Position: Full sun 

Pick: When softening and sweet 

Hardiness: Fully hardy 

Pollination: Self-fertile 

Uses: Wine-making and eating