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Seasonal Plant Pass Membership

£14.99 £9.99

A new take on our Plant Pass Memberships, this Seasonal Plant Pass gives you all the benefits without the year long commitment for just £9.99! 

3 Month 'seasonal' membership for £9.99

For less than 12 pence per day, you will receive 25% off all orders placed at Secret Gardening Club.

It is simple, for less than £10 you will receive 25% off every order you place for 3 months!

What that means?

An average order placed on Secret Gardening Club is £30.00, with our Seasonal Plant Pass you would get 25% off, saving you £7.50 on just one order! There is no order limit, you can place as many orders throughout the 3 months as you wish.

On purchasing a Seasonal Plant Pass, you will receive an email with your unique discount code, use this code for every order you place and receive 25% off! 
 Please note you will not receive anything physical on becoming a plant pass member

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Annual Plant Pass