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💐🌼🌺 MYSTERY BOX 🌺🌼💐- 15 Plants for £20

Mystery Box
Mystery Box With 15 Planti Cubes
Mystery Box & Champagne
Mystery Box & Prosecco

A True element of surprise

We get very few opportunities to be surprised and here at the Secret Gardening Club, we thought we could all do with a little mystery and a bit of a surprise at the moment while also saving some pennies and what better way than with a mystery box! 

Think of these little boxes of mystery as a jamboree bag of plant fabulousness!! Our gardening department will select plants at random for each and every box ensuring mystery with every plant :) 

And now you can choose an easier life by adding 15 planti cubes to your mystery box! A new, revolutionary product; planti manages the water supply to your plants saving you time, money and resources. Simply put the planti cubes directly into the soil or pot and let them do the work! Your plants will have the exact water supply they need all of the time.

So, if you're looking to treat yourself, or perhaps a friend or family member, then the Mystery box is the perfect option for a real surprise gift. 


Limited Availability. You will receive 15 x 9cm Pot plants for £20

                                  Or 15 x 9cm Pot plants and 15 Planti cubes for £25.99

Now available with Prosecco or Champagne option to create the perfect gift, just in time for Christmas! 

Champagne: Brut Nature 

Prosecco: Wild Thing