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HYACINTH Prepared L'Innocence 16/17cm x 2 Bulbs

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As the name suggests these 10 x Prepared Hyacinths - White L’Innocence Flower Bulbs are supplied in September and pre-prepared for planting indoors in pots - this is known within the gardening community as 'forcing'. White L’Innocence Hyacinth bulbs if planted in a suitable planter pot, bulb fibre still attached & leaving the bulb's top just exposed above the soil - will bloom early in to pretty ivory white flowers. Forced Hyacinths are popular as fragrant Christmas flowers. For the best results we recommend that you weigh down your forced hyacinth flower bulbs with some sand to prevent the roots from pushing the bulb upwards. Place in a cool and dry area and keep moist. Once the L’Innocence shoots have appeared, place the pot in a warm room with plenty of light and your white L’Innocence flowers will begin to bloom.