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1 x Begonia Beleaf Lima Love 12cm Pot


Benefits - Relatively easy to care for

Ideal Location - Anywhere in the home, as long as it isn't in an area where there are cold drafts. 

A truly striking plant, with its lime green coloured leaves and dark maroon edging, which resembles short rays that radiate outwards. Plants form a naturally rounded shape, their decorative leaves overlapping one another, to form a stocky, bushy specimen.

Find a partially shaded spot or an area where your Begonia Beleaf Lima Love plants will be able to enjoy bright, but indirect light.  

In terms of position, this plant does best in a warm room away from any cold drafts. For this reason, we recommend avoiding areas such as the back door and entrance hall. You can also spray the air around the plant with misted water in order to keep the foliage looking fresh.