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The Secret Gardens Design Service - Ask Angie


If you're on the hunt for some advice and guidance on how to create your perfect garden, look no further!

Angie is to gardening what Michelangelo is to the Sistine Chapel, an artist! (However, with Angie's advice & assistance you won't have to wait 4 years for the finished result!)

Now more than ever, we're all in our gardens, looking for inspiration, which can be quite difficult without the right guidance. Instead of wasting precious time wondering where to start, why not ask Angie! You and your garden will certainly benefit from it!

A few words from the Maestro herself!

Gardening is such a joy and a beautiful garden is a wondrous sight, sometimes it's just a few tweaks that are needed to change your existing outdoor space into that wonderful garden.

So if you need help with those problem areas in the garden and ideas about what plants would work then I can help. Perhaps you'd like to know how to have interest in the garden all year round and how to achieve that. Or maybe it's a planting combination for colourful succession through the seasons.

It's important when deciding what goes into a garden to consider many things other than just the plants themselves, this is where the aspect & soil type have to be thought about, then there's how the garden is to be used i.e. all year round interest or just during the kinder months, also does it need to accommodate children's ball games or dogs and how much time do you actually have to be able to achieve the look you want.

I can help you with all of those questions as I have many, many years of gardening experience from design and maintenance combined with nursery work and plant sourcing so I do hope that together with your own ideas and wishes we can create the garden you are longing to be the proud owner of.

Our garden design/advice service last for 30 minutes and is provided remotely. We can use phone/skype/ whatsapp etc to speak with you and view your garden.