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'A Glimmer of Christmas' Bouquet

1 Bouquet
3 Bouquets (one monthly)
6 Bouquets (one monthly)
9 Bouquets (one monthly)
12 Bouquets (one monthly)

Every Bunch buys Lunch!

An incentive from Secret Gardening Club supporting Food Cycle.

Every Friday we offer a new, unique, hand-tied bouquet. They will be delivered safely from Tuesday ensuring you receive your bouquet fresh and full of life for the week ahead. 

Our Bouquets are exceptionally popular and we have been inundated with requests for flower subscriptions. We wanted to create an option that was easy to understand, with no rolling subscription. So we now offer monthly purchase options shown below:

3 bouquets delivered monthly (over 3 months)

6 bouquets delivered monthly (over 6 months)

9 bouquets delivered monthly (over 9 months)

12 bouquets delivered monthly (over 12 months)

You make one easy, hassle free purchase and receive a different, unique bouquet of flowers every month for your chosen period. Makes a wonderful gift and the perfect way to keep spirits high!!

Want to send a personalised message with your bouquet? Email the details to and we will gladly include with your delivery.

What's more, every bunch of flowers you purchase buys lunch for someone in need

For every bouquet sale, we donate to Food Cycle 

Food Cycle support people who are hungry and lonely, their efforts are more important than ever during these unprecedented times.  

Thanks a Bunch!

No subscription or obligation, just buy when you like