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Balcony Upcycled Planter

£24.99 £14.99

Will be delivered in January

Our upcycled vertical garden balustrade planter double pocket has been created for people with limited ground space. If you are looking to grow your own herbs, flowers, succulents etc. and enhance boring space with an urban garden this is the best product for you!

The upcycled planter, made from billboard advertising vinyl material has the following specifications:

– Size of each pocket: ca. H 29cm x W 35cm/3l each pocket=6l
– Drainage mesh

STEP ONE – Fill base of Growbag container with wood chips.
STEP TWO – Add quality soil and compost to the top stitch of the planter and plant a seedling or seeds into the container (make sure you follow planting instructions for the specific plant of your choice).
STEP THREE – Water and give it plant food regularly.
STEP FOUR – Enjoy growing your own veggies, herbs, succulents and blooming flowers!

For installation: Simply drape planter over a balcony wall or balustrade. The double pocket planter makes your plants visible from both inside and outside – your green space will instantly become unique and an interesting vertical garden installation!

The material used to create this planter is a recycled outdoor billboard advertising material which was exposed to the weather so it may show little imperfections – This however does not change the functionality of the product, but simply gives the item its unique character.