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3C, Grandes Vinos Y Viñedos (75cl)


A bright, cherry-flavoured red, refreshing and easy to drink. The name stems from the fact that it is made from Cariñena, grown around the town of Cariñena within DO Cariñena – hence 3C!

Grapes: Cariñena

Region: Cariñena, Spain

Alcohol: 13.5%

Tasting notes/pairing options: A bright, cherry-flavoured red, light in tannin with refreshing, sweet fruit, making for a moreish, easy-drinking wine. The 3C is fresh, unoaked and packed with Carignan goodness.

Viticulture is sustainable

The producer:

Cariñena is both an appellation and a grape variety. Plus there’s a third Cariñena which is the village that lends its name to the DO. The Cariñena grapes that make this cuvée are all grown in the village of Cariñena and vinified by the leading cooperative in the region. The group is made up of around 700 winegrowers with generations of experience in the area. The Coop has invested in the winery and focuses on quality, innovation, and is commitment to working sustainably to nurture their environment. They are creating singular wines of great character that are unique to the area. 

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