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1 x Lamium galeobdolon variegatum - 9cm Pot - PRE-ORDER NOW FOR SPRING DELIVERY


Plants form dense patches with erect stems rarely taller than 30cm, and they produce rooting stolons (runners).

Stems are finely hairy, as also are the long-stalked heart-shaped toothed leaves.

The outside surface of the flower lips are bright yellow, as are the insides which are decorated with reddish brown honey guide markings that are said to direct pollinating insects towards the flower's store of nectar.

Noticeably fringed with eyelash-like hairs, the upper lip is single-lobed and helmet shaped, while the less hairy lower lip is divided into three lobes.

Individual flowers are 17 to 21mm long and form typically three moderately-spaced tight whorls around the stem.

Height 30cm
Spread 30-45cm