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1 x ALLIUM Red Giant - 9cm Pot

1 x ALLIUM Red Giant - 9cm Pot

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Allium 'Red Giant' is an ornamental onion known for its large, globe-shaped flower head  that show a striking burgundy-red colour sitting that sit atop broad, fleshy green leaves. 

  1. Flowers:

    • The most prominent feature of Allium 'Red Giant' is its large, spherical flower heads. These globes are composed of numerous individual flowers that form a dense cluster. The flowers are a vibrant and rich burgundy-red colour.
  2. Foliage:

    • The basal leaves of 'Red Giant' are strap-like and can be quite large. The leaves typically emerge in spring, and the flower stems rise above the foliage.
  3. Blooming Period:

    • Allium 'Red Giant' blooms in late spring to early summer. The bloom period can last for several weeks, providing an extended display of colour in the garden.
  4. Growing Conditions:

    • Like many Alliums, 'Red Giant' prefers well-draining soil and full sun. Plant the bulbs in the fall for spring blooms. Alliums are generally hardy and adaptable to various soil types.
  5. Uses:

    • Allium 'Red Giant' is often used as a focal point in garden borders, mixed perennial beds, or as an accent plant. Its dramatic colour and unique flower structure make it a popular choice for ornamental gardens.
  6. Care:

    • Alliums are generally low-maintenance. After flowering, allow the foliage to wither naturally, as it contributes to the bulb's energy storage for the next season. The dried flower heads can also add interest to the garden if left in place.
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