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1 x AGAPANTHUS Windsor Grey - 9cm Pot

1 x AGAPANTHUS Windsor Grey - 9cm Pot

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Has an unusual, subtle flower colouring in a shade between palest lavender and grey, with hints of green from the pollen colour and the green bases of individual flowers; flowers can appear from July to September. This cultivar is reasonably tough and hardy.

  1. Flowers:

    • Classic Agapanthus shape but a more uncommon white/grey flower with tinges of blue throughout.
  2. Foliage:

    • Agapanthus plants are characterized by strap-like, arching leaves that form dense clumps at the base.
  3. Growing Conditions:

    • Agapanthus generally prefer well-draining soil and can thrive in full sun to partial shade. They are adaptable and can tolerate a range of soil types.
  4. Height:

    • The height of Agapanthus varieties can vary. Some may be compact and suitable for containers, while others can reach several feet in height.
  5. Bloom Time:

    • Agapanthus varieties typically bloom in the summer, creating a visually appealing display of flowers. The bloom period can extend into early fall.
  6. Uses:

    • Agapanthus, including "Windsor Grey," can be used as ornamental plants in garden borders, along pathways, or in mixed perennial beds. They also work well as container plants, adding colour and interest to outdoor spaces.
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