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1 Packet (15 Seeds) Cerinthe major purpurascens Seeds


Exotic-looking, but easy to grow from seed.

This attractive Cerinthe is probably quite unlike any other flower you may have in your garden, with its glaucous foliage, deep blue bracts and rich purple-blue flowers, which are high in nectar and therefore very attractive to bees. Very easy to grow from seed and a stunning plant. 

Despite its unusual and rather exotic appearance, it is actually easy to grow. 

Cerinthe is a hardy annual, which flowers the same year as sowing. It is undemanding and will thrive in most soils in full sun. 

The name Cerinthe is from the Greek keros (wax) and anthos (flower), as bees were thought to extract wax from the flowers.

Height: 60cm(24in)