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A curation of our most frequent questions and enquiries for your reference!

  • How do I become a Member? 

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Or for just £19.99 per year, you can become a Goodwill Pass member. This membership entitles you to 50% off at The Secret Gardening Club and SEVEN other websites for a full year. Full information can be found here. 

Alternatively we have two further annual Plant Pass memberships that offer an array of benefits including a free delivery of plants and 25% off every order you make through the year. Click Here for Plant Pass info. 


  • What Size will my Plants be?

We offer a range of different plant sizes and varieties which effect the answer to this question, as does the time of year.

However, as a rough guide please see below. Please be assured we only send quality plants out in deliveries, some varieties in 9cm pots may not show much foliage on arrival, they just require some growing time.



  • How long will my delivery take?

Please see our Delivery Page for up to date delivery information  


  • When will you have a certain variety in stock?

We endeavor to have as wide a catalogue of plants available to you at all times throughout the year, particularly in Spring/Summer. Due to the nature of our business we are unable to give specific stock details, we get as much and as varied stock as we can. The best thing to do is browse and search for the plants you are looking for.