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🎁 Box Gift Bundle 🎁

3 Gift Boxes - (£29.99 box selection)
6 Gift Boxes - (£29.99 box selection)
12 Gift Boxes - (£29.99 box selection)

Our mystery boxes are one of our most popular items here at Secret Gardening Club and for very good reason! Each box contains a few mysteries, but one thing is certain, the contents are the highest quality plants and items which we're known for here at SGC.

We wanted to create an option that was easy to get to grips with, without a rolling subscription in sight! That's why we came up with our Box Gift Bundle option, where you can control how many of our boxes you would like to receive or gift throughout the year. 

3 Gift Boxes delivered over 3 months

6 Gift Boxes delivered over 6 months

12 Gift boxes delivered over the year

*PLEASE NOTE - delivery is based on selection as some of our boxes are seasonal. If you would like certain boxes delivered, such as Mother's Day, Easter & one of our mystery boxes, please just send us an e-mail to

So, put simply, you make one easy, hassle-free purchase and receive a different, unique Mystery Gift box for your chosen period. Makes a wonderful gift and the perfect way to keep spirits high!!