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Wild Garden Box


Everything you need to create a wild garden, even if you don't have a garden space. 

Great for learning about wildlife and a perfect tool for home-schooling over the next few weeks, the box has:

  • A space to create a bee/bug hotel
  • A space to grow insect friendly plants
  • A space to provide a home for birds
  • A space to feed birds

The Wild Garden Box is handcrafted from timber and measures 50 x 20 x 24.5cm. Perfect displayed as a window box or at a high point in a garden. 


Available to purchase just the box or the box and the following:

  1. The Box
  2. A packet of Bee Tubes
  3. A lavender plant (2 litre pot size)
  4. A packet of bird seed

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Purchase our Wild Garden Box and Wild Garden Sack together and receive £5 discount! 

Our Wildlife Garden Sack has been put together to encourage all varieties of Wildlife into the garden, from small insects to wilder animals. 

The Wild Garden Sack is also a perfect tool for home-schooling over the next few weeks. From planting seeds and watching them grow, to learning about the importance of bees, to leaving food out and watching for hedgehogs, birds or even squirrels! The contents of the sack will keep the children and you content for hours.