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1 x Achillea Summer Pastels - 9cm Pot

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The Achillea (Yarrow) Summer Pastel is an easy and hardy perennial. The plant loves well drained soil, yet will tolerate a range of soil conditions. The Achillea Summer Pastels enjoys sitting in a lovely sunny position. The Achillea Summer Pastels will form a low mound of fragrant green ferny foliage, which upon lays clusters of vibrant coloured flowers that appear upright on stems. The Achillea Summer Pastels will flower between June and October, giving long lasting joy to your garden. The Summer Pastels variety offer a range of vibrant colours that surprise you every year throughout the summer months. When the flowering season comes to an end, make sure you cut some as they make lovely dried flowered bouquets. 

Height 45-70cm
Spread 45-60cm